If you are an ambitious and motivated student who is willing to try out myriad things, law is your ideal career option! In addition to the popular image of a lawyer in flowing black robes arguing in court, there are countless more opportunities for a graduate law student.

Here are some of the guiding principles for winning at the legal career.

  1. Read a lot and gain information about the legal topics taught at Law school.
  2. Don’t undervalue the importance of practical experience at this stage. Therefore go for internships. Try to intern in diverse fields in order to gain better hands on different branches of law. Internships will also provide you with wealth of examples to talk about during your job interviews.
  3. Be active in your college alumni association. Take advice from your seniors regarding skills and values requisite for a job, ask them to mentor you. A good networking can take you places.
  4. Be conscious and write about important issues around you. Set yourself different through articles, speaking engagements, and other opportunities to set up your expertise.
  5. Build yourself as a brand. Create a narrative of your opinion. Make sure all of your marketing materials (social media, resume, cover letter) speak about it consistently.



This article has been authored by Rituparna Prasoon from Team LawSkills.

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