Passionate About Being a Lawyer?

office-2820890_1920Has he come armed, then?” she asked anxiously. “Has he brought a pistol or a sword?”
Ian shook his head, his dark hair lifting wildly in the wind.
“Oh, no, Ma’am!” he said. “It’s worse. He’s brought a lawyer!”
― Diana Gabaldon (Novel: Voyager)

Law affects every part of our lives, whether we are driving, buying something from a store, renting a house and so on… So if you are at school or college and thinking about a career in law, understand the power law has on people’s lives, how efficiently you can interpret it and how much of your own unique individuality you can bring to a job.

A career in law can help you seek justice for those whose voice wouldn’t otherwise be heard.

You can uphold the system of justice for the country.

As a lawyer, you will always get the opportunity to spruce up and accomplish different objectives.

You can be self-employed, be creative and above all you will never get a chance to be bored.

It is the possibly the best job in the world to get paid for reading, writing, thinking and talking.

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This article has been authored by Rituparna Prasoon from Team LawSkills.

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