lawyer-3268430_1920There are a number of misbeliefs that are widely held while choosing a career.

  • For instance, if my father, sibling or uncle is happy in a certain field, I will be too!
  • I am scoring well in a subject hence I will be successful in that field.

But the fact is that each person is unique. What works for one, may not work for another. Just because a job holds a very good place in the society, does not mean that job is right for you. There needs to be an understanding of your own competencies as well as your interests and your academic performance is not necessarily the right indication of your aptitude.

Selecting a career option decides your course of life.

While a good choice can make your life pleasing, a wrong one can ruin it.

Keep in mind that these decisions are permanent. In case of confusion it is best to take specialized help. Career counseling is probably the best choice in this case.

This article has been authored by Rituparna Prasoon from Team LawSkills.

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