My co-passenger on a flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai was a lawyer. She had majorly been assisting senior advocates and handling Arbitration matters for the last 5 years, ever since she graduated as a lawyer. However, on the flight that evening, she sounded pretty much done with Arbitration.

Since her graduation days, she shared, she had been following up on cases around Sports Law and has always harboured a keen interest in the subject. She wants to change her stream or, at least, dabble in something other than Arbitration but has not been able to push herself out of her cocoon.

One of the immediate solutions for people like her is to sign up for an Online Course. You can pursue such courses –

  1. Anywhere, at your ease, with no commuting troubles
  2. At any time convenient to you – 24/7
  3. At your own pace, with the luxury of going back and forth any number of times
  4. With complete privacy

After completing an online course you will have a definite and fair sense of the topic or subject. You will be in a position to decide if the same interests you, if you would like to take up issues around the subject and other similar contentions. If you feel inclined, you may start off with adding more to your repertoire of knowledge on the desired subject.

You can also research on opportunities around the subject (it is easier to work and research on a focused or shortlisted). And all this can be done without you having to destabilize your working set up. You may take the plunge and make a career shift once you are sure on all accounts or have secured projects and job.

E.g. – You may have a fancy for Sports Law reading news reports but have no clue if you are cut out to pursue a career in Sports Law specifically. With multiple specializations in the field, colleges and universities cannot possibly introduce you to all subjects. So you do the next best thing, you enroll for an online course on Sports Law, learn its nuances and then apply for a job in the related set up. There is also a possibility that by the end of the course your fancy has worn off.

So what does e-learning do? In a way, it helps you eliminate and narrow down on what may work for your aptitude.

And remember no learning ever goes waste!

This article has been authored by Priyanka from Team LawSkills.

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