Resumes serve a two-fold purpose. For the Applicant, it is a Marketing tool highlighting his USP.  For the Employer, it is a Screening tool to separate wheat from chaff.

Multiple studies have shown that the average time spent by a recruiter in looking at a Resume is 5 to 7 seconds. This small window of time is enough to initiate the process of getting into your dream organization. If a resume is presented effectively, this not only attracts more interview offers, but also speaks for the applicant’s good management skills.

Here are some pointers to be considered for making a sizzling, high-impact Resume –

  1. Heading : Give your Resume a title that is not only eye-catching but is a summary statement of your candidacy.
  2. Skills : Mention your skills in brief. There are two types of skill sets – Hard skills and Soft skills. Hard skills are the technical skills and abilities that are job specific, e.g. – Accounting, Graphic Designing, etc. Soft skills are the personal skills, that make up a person’s emotional intelligence and are person specific. E.g. – Leadership skills, Motivation skills, Communication skills, etc.
  3. Social Media Link : Recruiters nowadays prefer to run through your profiles at various social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, just to get a better idea, not only about you but your networking as well. Quick Tip : Try and get more (honest) endorsements on LinkedIn.
  4. Accomplishments : Your designation and profile give an idea about your job responsibilities, however, you could add your achievements/ accomplishments (especially the tangible ones) that would make it seem more real to the recipient.
  5. Cover Letter : Add a suitable cover letter which matches your resume. This can give you an advantage over other candidates.


Once you’ve included all this data, make sure you have the following in order –

  • Formatting : Use simple, clearly readable, formal font. Highlight wherever necessary. Instead of writing in paragraph style, use bullets and make points. Use consistent font and formatting style throughout the resume for both text and dates.
  • Use Key Words : Some companies use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to scan resumes which search for the inclusion of predefined “key words”. Studies show that ATS can eliminate up to 75% of resumes received prior to review by a human reader. So, don’t forget to add keywords and use them appropriately. Quick tip: Do not use excessive key words either (your Resume might end up as spam e-mail!). Remember to work in moderation.
  • Email id : Studies show that 76% Resumes are rejected due to lack of professional email ids. Choose an email id that sounds like it belongs to a working professional rather than a teenager.
  • Follow Chronological Order : While listing your experience and educational details, mention the last one first, that is, your recent/current experience and your highest degree should appear on the top while mentioning your work experience and education details, respectively.
  • Other important sections : After completing your work-ex and educational details, add other important sections – such as Certificates/Awards, language proficiency, details of any projects handled, etc.
  • Length of Resume : Do not follow any myth of the resume to be limited to one page or it to be as lengthy as possible. Mention all necessary details, yet keep it concise. Do not include unnecessary details. Remember to use a targeted approach.
  • Proof Read : Before submitting your resume, always proof-read and double-check it. Run spell checks and make sure there are no grammatical errors (Quick Tip : you could use a tool like Grammarly). Always send an updated resume.
  • References : Though not necessary, but it is always good to add 2-3 references towards the end of your resume. You could add their email ids as their contact information.

Remember, its the small things that can make or break your chances of landing your dream job!

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This article has been authored by Ruchi Malhari from Team LawSkills

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