So, you have signed up for an e-learning course because that’s the buzz word these days. And if you have not signed, then you are not happening! But why ? Because you are seen as not being invested in your development and staying current.

Reskilling is the order of the day and rightly so. With so much dynamism around, be it policy changes, processes, new inventions, et al , you need to stay current and updated.  And with the convenience of e-learning (anytime, anywhere access, self-paced, no commute, interactive platforms, etc.),  it is the go to medium for continued learning.

So how do you make the most of an  e-learning course or, simply put, how do you use an e-learning platform ?

E-learning is different from a brick and mortar classroom set up. There is no teacher who is taking lectures and following up with you on your progress. There is no face to face human touch.

The set up in an e-learning course includes you and your computer and, at times, your phone, when you talk to the faculty or seek support. In e-learning, you need self discipline to ensure you progress with the course curriculum. The course will  list out the Learning Objectives upfront. The chances are that you sign up for the course after perusal of these objectives, since these are in line with what you are seeking to learn.

Typically, the course will be divided into multiple modules and each module will be divided into sub-modules. The learning pedagogy of an appealing e-learning course is much more than only text based content.  It uses instructional design (ID). ID is the practice of making learning experiences effective, interesting, and engaging for a learner by way of using Videos, Infographic, Presentations, Case Studies, interactive Quizzes , Role Plays, Audios, etc.

As you progress and move ahead demolishing each module, you will have online, self-assessment quizzes and tests. The course will end with a final assessment or examination which will be time bound and marked by the faculty. On successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded  a Certificate. The certificate of a good e-learning course will be recognized by the industry.

So sign up for an e-learning course today, and strike off those subjects and topics that have been part of your ‘to-learn bucket list’. Become tomorrow’s industry expert today!

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This article has been authored by Priyanka from Team LawSkills

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