Technical skills and knowledge might land you your dream job. However, some qualities set you apart from other employees,making you a Stellar Employee. These qualities that are person specific and are either passed on to us through the values and morals or acquired over time during our journey in life. These qualities are preferred by employers all over regardless of the organisation’s location or industry. 

  1. Integrity is the most sought after quality by employers that makes you a reliable employee. People who possess this trait do not consider it a quality. Rather, it is a way of living for them, for integrity reflects the honesty of a person not only in professional life but his personal life too. This is the first and foremost quality for long term success across any profession.
  2. Self-motivation – The people who have desire to succeed in anything and everything they do are the ones that are self driven.They don’t need any external motivation to achieve their goals. Rather, such people act as a motivating force for their peers and, in a way, help the whole team.
  3. Courage can be described from two perspectives. Courage to take risks, go that extra mile, just do the best and not fear failures. And courage to put forward thoughts/ ideas/creativity/ suggestions to improve and make the system more efficient.
  4. Adaptability – No matter how much prior experience you have, all organizations expect you to be flexible and come with an open mind that is ready to adapt with respect to their work ethics and culture.
  5. Good Listening Skills : No matter what your designation is, you are a people’s person if you are able to listen and understand what anyone is trying to convey rather than listening just to respond. A good listener also boasts his patience and perseverance skills wordlessly.

Inculcating these traits in your daily life will help you in becoming invaluable to the organisation that you are a part of. 

This article has been authored by Ruchi Malhari from Team LawSkils. 

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