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CURBING THE MENACE OF INCREASING FUGITIVE ECONOMIC OFFENDERS- An Analysis of the Fugitive Economic Offender’s Act, 2018.

Curbing the menace of increasing fugitive economic offenders – An Analysis of the Fugitive Economic Offender’s Act, 2018. A huge number of reports pertaining to financial irregularities concerning eminent Indian businesspersons have come to light the past year. These irregularities involved manipulation, forgery, fraud in obtaining financial guarantees from National Banks in form of LoU(s) [Letters of Undertaking] Letters of credits etc. As a result, huge financial losses were faced […]

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Evolution of International Cooperation in the field of Nuclear Law

Since the discovery of Uranium in the year 1789, there was considerable scientific deliberation into its nature and properties. In the year 1896 when the radioactive properties of Uranium were discovered by Henri Becquerel, a whole field of scientific study begun in the area of Nuclear Sciences. With Ernest Rutherford’s observation that the splitting of Lithium atoms led to a significantly high release of energy, research on nuclear energy commenced. […]

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