There is nothing more empowering than knowing your country’s laws and rights. You never know when you might need to put them into use. Most of the citizens are not aware of the general rights that are presented in the system for their benefit which has led to the exploitation of the general public by the administrator.

While, most of us are aware of some basic laws and rights, here are some of them which we might not know about:

  • Hospitals are duty bound to provide immediate first-aid treatment free of cost to victims of Rape or Acid attack.
  • In case of road accidents, person who takes victim to hospital cannot be compelled to bear the initial cost of treatment of victim for admission in hospital.
  • If a Government servant remains in Police custody for more than 48 hours, he is deemed to be suspended.
  • Widows can claim maintenance from her brother-in-law.
  • It is mandatory for a Police officer to register an FIR in case of cognizable offence.
  • The children of the age of 6-14 years have a Right to free and compulsory education.
  • Fatwas and religious diktats have no legal validity.
  • A proclaimed offender can be arrested even by a private person.
  • Prostitution is not an offence but organized form of prostitution like flesh trade is an offence.
  • No man under 15years or above 65 years of age or physically or mentally disabled person or a woman can be required by police to attend at any place for investigation other than her place of residence.
  • A Police officer is considered always on duty, he cannot deny help to victim by saying that he is not on duty.
  • No shopkeeper can charge money more than the Maximum Retail Price printed on the commodity.
  • Service Charge is not mandatory to pay, if a consumer is not satisfied with the service he can refuse to pay the service charge.
  • A woman cannot be arrested before sunrise and after sunset.
  • Accused has a right to bail in case the charge-sheet is not filed by police within the period of 60 days or within 90 days in certain offences.
  • It is mandatory for Police officers to wear visible and legible identification while questioning and arresting a person.
  • An Arrestee has a right to inform his friend or relative of his arrest
  • A confession made by the accused to the Police officer cannot be used against him.
  • A consensual sexual intercourse with a woman may even amount to rape, if her consent was obtained when she was under intoxication.
  • A Woman has a right to kill the offender in “self -defense” in case of an assault on her with intention to rape, however the force used should be proportionate.
  • The conditions like “No Exchange/ No Refund” amount to unfair practice and carry no legal weight.
  • The retailers cannot charge from consumers for carry bag containing logo, as per Chandigarh district forum’s judgment.
  • The unmarried daughters have right to maintenance from her father.
  • A Person arrested cannot be detained beyond 24 hours without the authority of a Magistrate.
  • A Person cannot be compelled to be witness against himself.
  • Children born out of live-in relationship have a right of inheritance.

Article has been written by Asmita Sharma (Advocate)

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