First Job Jitters? Here’s How to Keep your Cool!

Finished your studies, got placed and looking forward to joining your first job? Congratulations! You’ve made it this far. A new job tends to give jitters to even the most seasoned lot. Thus, when it is your first job, it’s only natural that to feel stressed. However, the first job always has an advantage because your mind is free. It’s a completely fresh start. There are no yardsticks. There is no prior work culture […]

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Law as a Career – Stride to Success

The Indian education system, by default, creates multiple stages of stress in the academic journey of students. Arguably, the most intense amongst these is the Higher Secondary Examination (HSC or 12th board). HSC students are on the verge of choosing their life path (well, almost) after their exams. This dilemma is unexplainable – for some, it is the lack of options, and for others, it is the ocean of options […]

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Why look for Career Counseling?

There are a number of misbeliefs that are widely held while choosing a career. For instance, if my father, sibling or uncle is happy in a certain field, I will be too! I am scoring well in a subject hence I will be successful in that field. But the fact is that each person is unique. What works for one, may not work for another. Just because a job holds […]

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