E-Learning and Online Education

The Importance of Minutes taking: Learn on …

The Annual Sales Meeting of Pretso Champion & Co. was held from 12 to 14 April at Goa. There were 42 participants from 16 geographical locations. Multiple presentations were made including individual presentations, branch presentations, zone presentations and presentation for company as a whole. Hours of discussions, takeaways, strategy and plans were discussed. Everyone got back to their respective locations after the meeting concluded. How do you ensure that all […]

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Virtual Classroom – Making the Best Out of E-Learning!

So, you have signed up for an e-learning course because that’s the buzz word these days. And if you have not signed, then you are not happening! But why ? Because you are seen as not being invested in your development and staying current. Reskilling is the order of the day and rightly so. With so much dynamism around, be it policy changes, processes, new inventions, et al , you […]

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What’s the Fuss about E-Learning?

My co-passenger on a flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai was a lawyer. She had majorly been assisting senior advocates and handling Arbitration matters for the last 5 years, ever since she graduated as a lawyer. However, on the flight that evening, she sounded pretty much done with Arbitration. Since her graduation days, she shared, she had been following up on cases around Sports Law and has always harboured a keen […]

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