10 Must Watch Movies for Law Students

Law has always been an intriguing profession. Films, television and literature have glamorized this profession for years with climax ending in a dramatic court case. Often, we find the protagonist winning in the end with profound oratory – giving the audience thrill and excitement.  The fictional stories presented in the movies tell a great deal about the political and social situations. Even though these movies do not show the viewers […]

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Career Counseling in Law

If you are wondering how to bring into line your legal career with your passions or are puzzled with matter in the vein of following and more… How or where to start look for legal jobs? There’s so much contradictory information about the legal job market that I feel weighed down ! Are legal job search strategies different from other kinds of job searches? What exactly is “networking,” and how […]

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Advice from a Law School Career Counselor

If you are an ambitious and motivated student who is willing to try out myriad things, law is your ideal career option! In addition to the popular image of a lawyer in flowing black robes arguing in court, there are countless more opportunities for a graduate law student. Here are some of the guiding principles for winning at the legal career. Read a lot and gain information about the legal […]

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