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Become a Stellar Employee: 2 Minute Guide

Technical skills and knowledge might land you your dream job. However, some qualities set you apart from other employees,making you a Stellar Employee. These qualities that are person specific and are either passed on to us through the values and morals or acquired over time during our journey in life. These qualities are preferred by employers all over regardless of the organisation’s location or industry.  Integrity is the most sought […]

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What’s the Fuss about E-Learning?

My co-passenger on a flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai was a lawyer. She had majorly been assisting senior advocates and handling Arbitration matters for the last 5 years, ever since she graduated as a lawyer. However, on the flight that evening, she sounded pretty much done with Arbitration. Since her graduation days, she shared, she had been following up on cases around Sports Law and has always harboured a keen […]

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