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The Power of Body Language at the Workplace – Are You Conveying it Right?

Often, the growth of your career depends on the impression and impact you’ve created on your superiors, colleagues and subordinates. Navigating this field of perceptions can be quite baffling, especially since every workplace is a melting pot of people having vastly varying cultural backgrounds and social mores. Packaging yourself, your personality, attitude and skills attractively so as to get your words and thoughts across without getting lost in translation is […]

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How to Make your LinkedIn Profile Work for you – 3 Minute Guide

LinkedIn has fast become the preferred platform for recruiters to search for potential employees. In some cases, outstanding individuals have been head hunted through this portal bypassing all other standard recruitment formalities. However, in order to get noticed by recruiters in the first place, and secondly, to make a mark on their memory when they are scrolling through long lists of equally distinguished candidates, your LinkedIn profile needs to be […]

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