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How to Make your LinkedIn Profile Work for you – 3 Minute Guide

LinkedIn has fast become the preferred platform for recruiters to search for potential employees. In some cases, outstanding individuals have been head hunted through this portal bypassing all other standard recruitment formalities. However, in order to get noticed by recruiters in the first place, and secondly, to make a mark on their memory when they are scrolling through long lists of equally distinguished candidates, your LinkedIn profile needs to be […]

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Building a Resume: 5 Minute Guide

Resumes serve a two-fold purpose. For the Applicant, it is a Marketing tool highlighting his USP.  For the Employer, it is a Screening tool to separate wheat from chaff. Multiple studies have shown that the average time spent by a recruiter in looking at a Resume is 5 to 7 seconds. This small window of time is enough to initiate the process of getting into your dream organization. If a […]

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